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Oct 10, 2021
In Active Ragdoll
Out of the box your asset works But I have somewhat custom way to overwrite animation bone positions in LateUpdate. With this script, your asset doesnt work properly (its shaking in all directions) Both AR and bone overwriting are significant for my game. It would be troublesome for me to abandon/sacrifice either of them for the sake of the other. What script does: I am changing bone meshes in skinmeshrenderer during runtime. these meshes often have different sizes so I have to overwrite animator bones positions every frame in LateUpdate() Here's the script (dumbed down version) using UnityEngine; public class MoveLegLower : MonoBehaviour { Transform leg; Vector3 localPosition; void Start() { leg = GetComponent<Animator>().GetBoneTransform(HumanBodyBones.LeftUpperLeg); localPosition = leg.position; } void LateUpdate() { leg.position -= new Vector3(0f, 20f, 0f); } } Do you know how to make it work with your asset? or alternative way to lower animator bones in runtime that would work with AR? thanks PS, I tried adding offset (leg.position -= new Vector3(0f, 20f, 0f);) to ragdoll bone with same name (before all your fixedupdate code), but it doesnt get rid of this issue


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