Stabilize VR headset to prevent nausea effect

Hi every one. About a year ago I bought a VR headset. But I was disaponted. I cannot play in it long time because I don't feel well after 5 minutes of playing. So, this is why I started to work on solution of this problem.

So, the problem

You always see old frame. The game read position and rotation of your VR headset, then some logic in your script, and then you can see this frame. But at this moment your head could have changed its rotation and position

You need a way to fix it. For example, we could predicate the rotation of your head based on previous rotation and acceleration. Ideally we want to see pos 1.5 during the whole frame 1.


To solve this I created "VR Corrector" plugin. The main idea is to predicate future head rotation. Here you can set Factor property in inspector from 0 to 1. If you set Factor to 0, it will not have any effect. If 1, it will try to show you rotation of next frame. Ideally you should set it to 0.5, but it spends some time from the moment it read rotation data to draw it on VR headset screen. So on my PIMAX 4K the best value is 0.9. Of course, this solution add some jitterring to a view, but I this it is much better than to see this delays. It is freely available on asset store:

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