Updated: Jan 6, 2021


No posts for a long time.

But I'm glad to say that I was working on a new Inventory product:

picture 1.

At first time it will have minimum price at $5. And later I will extent the product. For example what I now have in mind is list view support, now only grid inventory supported, then I want to add unit-tests. And the price will of cause be increased.

What is a nice thing about it is that it will be very flexible. Now it supports you to:

  1. Include bags into other bags. If you remember Diablo with horadric cube you can understand what I mean. But this one will be more flexible because it will have independent amount of included boxes. One rule is that included box weight capacity have to be less than the parent one.

  2. Easy to create items with any properties specified. You can se a `+` button on picture 2 in `Item Editor` window. No coding required. Properties will have a name, type and value.

  3. You can move items from one bag to other bags. For example on picture 1 we have 2 inventory opened and one item I drag and dropped to another inventory.

  4. Demo scene with default setup that you can take as an example and modify for your game.

  5. Item must have a link to it's prefab. So in inventory it shows you the sprite, and you can throw it anywhere on the ground and a prefab will be instantiated. And the prefab have a link to the item to be collected as an item.

  6. Debug UI (picture 2). If your game is not ready and you did not setup everything to draw the inventory, you can open and edit everything in inspector. All items are movable, you can add new, delete, move and everything else.

picture 2.

Also I prepared an interesting sample scene that is a level for you to play. You will have a level that will have a puzzle that you have to solve to finish the game. I hope you will enjoy it.

The product is not published yet. The code and scene is prepared, but it have no code comments and have no documentation, I have to prepare proper screenshots and images for the product page. Write all texts. Sometimes writing documentation is the most difficult part for me, I'm developer, I'm writing code, not documentation, but I have to, and that's why I spend significant time to it )).

I will add new article when the inventory will be published so you will not miss it.

If you are exited or have any questions, or suggestions. Please, feel free to ask. I'll be glad to see your comments!

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